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Dental Marketing Experts
Founder - Andres Moretti
Dental Pixel helps dentists implement ads and funnels to attract new patients on demand. Simply put, we are a lead generation company specializing in dental marketing.

If you solely rely on referrals and word-of-mouth to build your business, you are missing an opportunity to get your name out there quickly with ads & funnels. 

I can agree that it's the best way to get a quality patient in the door. What better way than a current patient advocating your practice. 

On the flip side, I can almost guarantee one of your competitors (if not several) are spending money on advertising which is a missed opportunity for your business to attract new patients who don’t have a dentist yet in your area.

What separates my team and I at Dental Pixel is that we focus on creating personalized video content. We then use that content to create your ads and customize the funnels. This makes a huge difference in improving the quality of the leads generated. It’s common to see a 50-70% appointment booking rate with our lead gen system.

If you are interested in implementing ads and funnels at your practice to generate high-quality leads and attract new patients, I invite you to schedule a discovery call with me here: https://www.dentalpixel.co/discoverycall

The discovery call is an opportunity for myself to learn about your practice by asking you a few questions and see if we are a right fit to work together. If we are, I’ll walk you through a quick demo of our lead gen system. Then you can make a decision if this is right for you.
Austin, Texas 
Email: andres@dentalpixel.co
Phone: (469) 751-7157